LastPass Update Causing Slow Browser Loading



Hello everyone!  I wanted to write up a quick post since I ran into something interesting/annoying after the recent LastPass update. I also know this caused problems for at least 40 people I know so I figured I should post about this.

I found the newest update cause certain website to load slowly or not at all.  I originally thought I was having slow internet speeds but multiple speed tests showed that wasn’t the case.

During my troubleshooting I disabled my Addons and saw a huge improvement.  This made me remember that LastPass had updated the day before.  I kept LastPass disabled and enabled the rest of the addons running and still had good load time.  Then I enabled LastPass and began having the problem.

After knowing LastPass was the culprit I uninstalled it and reinstalled it.  Since doing this I haven’t had a problem.  I’ve been recommending this to everyone I know that uses LastPass and it had fixed their problems as well.

I still really like LastPass, just for some reason the update didn’t install right, but after a reinstall of LastPass it’s working fine.


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