Flower Bouquet for My Sisters Wedding

Flower bouquetMy sister married in October of 2012. It was a small but beautiful ceremony.  Originally someone else was going to make her a bouquet but there ended up not being enough time for the person to do that, so my mom and I decided to try to make some for her.

I think they turned out pretty well, the photos really don’t show that too well, but the flowers are a dark purple with white pearl accents.

To figure out how to make the bouquets I found a youtube video about how to wrap them and arrange them.
We made two of them. The other bouquet was for her friend that was going to stand up at the wedding.   Her’s was cream with lavender accents.

The wedding ended up being pushed back a couple weeks so there was enough time to have her fresh flower bouquet made but these ended up being nice keepsakes. :)

2nd bouquet

flower bouquets

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