Colormates Nail Polish Review – Found at the Dollar Tree


colormates nail polish

Colormates Nail Polish from the Dollar Tree

The Colormates Nail Polish are fairly new my to Dollar Tree but they might have been at others for a while.  Pick these babies up! They are super nice!  I cannot believe I bought these for so cheap at the dollar store. They have great one coat coverage and come in really cute colors and seem to last pretty well with not any real chipping.  I also liked that they seemed to have colors that appear to be dups of more expensive nail polishes.

An example of this is the Colormates Glitter Glam.   It’s similar to NYX Carnival and Essence Circus Confetti. Here’s a picture of the Glitter Glam with Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in Hot Fuchsia.  Sorry my nails had to deal with a very stressed out me recently. The coverage and color seem to look a lot like the others I’ve seen online with the glitter in them

Glitter Glam nail polish

Glitter Glam nail polish

colormates nail art

Colormates Nail Art

The Dollar Tree by me is also carrying the Colormates Nail Art nail polish. I picked up a few of these and took them home to test out.  I really like these too.  They come in a long tube bottle and have a really thin brush.  I think when I’m done testing out the nail stickers I’ll see what designs I can do with them. I have since picked up more colors in these and probably will get a few more after that.  For awhile LA Colors had some of these too but there were not at the dollar store by me.  I did find some sinfulcolors nail art polish by Revlon, so I’ll let you know what I find about about those too.

Using some fake nails I picked up at the dollar tree I made up some swatches for you guys. The colors of the nail polish swatches from left to right are: Mudd, Glitter Glam, Purple Haze, Blue Thunder, Paparazzi, I’m Raven About You.

Nail Polish Swatches

Nail Polish Swatches

I’ll get swatches of the nail art bottles soon along with a picture of the brush.

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